Climbing a tree II by Charles Heppner

Charles Heppner is an artist currently living in Austin.  He was born in Chicago into a large Catholic family where individualism was allowed unfettered.  He attended Saint Ignatius College Prep then went on to earn a degree in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin—Madison.  Though always an artist, he has raced bicycles in France, had a career in finance, and is a devoted parent of three children.  Heppner self-identifies as a painter while his practice has grown to include photography, mix media box constructions and drawing.  His work focuses on beauty and spirituality especially with respect to nature.  

Artist's Statement

"The series of arboreal photographs called Prayer Rugs are composite images made to be prayers of gratitude and reverence for the tree. Highly symmetrical in the manner of medallions of many oriental rugs these works highlight aesthetic qualities I see in the varied structures of each species of tree I meet.  Within the fluid, dancer-like lines of the limbs of the London Planetree or the luscious green arcs of the leaves of the California Buckeye my spirit is nourished. I feel alive and humbled by the greatness and beauty of the tree. This pushes me to be more vigilant in caring for them, directly and indirectly."

Charles Heppner
Charles Heppner
Climbing a tree II
8.5" x 11"