Lilypads II by Jane Schmidt

Jane Schmidt is a landscape painter. Jane was born and raised in Birmingham, Michigan where she realized and nurtured her love for painting. She received her Master of Fine Arts in Painting from Arizona State University and her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the College for Creative Studies, Detroit, Michigan.  In 1982, Jane moved with her husband to Phoenix, Arizona where they raised their two children, Emily and Nicholas, and where Jane managed a successful graphic design studio for over twenty-five years. Once Emily and Nicholas were safely en route to college, Jane transitioned from a design career to one as a fine artist. In 2006, she moved once again, this time to Charlotte, North Carolina and then to Ashville, North Carolina, where Jane resides and paints today in her River Arts District Studio. Jane’s constant quest for beauty and inspiration takes her from the coast of Maine to the countryside of California where she finds and paints her expressive palette and unique combination of landscape forms. Since receiving her masters in 2004, Jane has earned national and international recognition for her landscape paintings including selection to exhibit at the esteemed Florence Biennale. Her work is eagerly sought after by arts enthusiasts and can be found in prestigious private and corporate collections throughout the country.

Artist's Statement:

"My landscapes originate from inward and outward experiences of nature. Based on observation and later on memory, my paintings connect the reality of what is seen to the realm of what is felt. I call myself a Colourist. Color is the soul of my painting. Invented color schemes, interlocking organic forms, decisive brushwork and thick impasto characterize my landscapes. Like the Abstract Expressionists, I am inspired by the act of painting as I explore the edge between abstraction and representation."  


Jane Schmidt
Jane Schmidt
Lilypads II
16" x 16"