The Man From Charleston by Radu Dumitrescu

Radu Dumitrescu was born, and still resides, in Bucharest, Romania.  After receiving his degree in art -- drawing, engraving, oil painting and watercolor -- as well as degree in architecture, Radu spent more than three decades as a scientific and technical designer and artist for the Department of Geography at the University of Bucharest.  After transitioning full time to the fine arts, Radu made a name for himself in Europe for his paintings.  Beginning in 2012, Radu began working exclusively in watercolors -- employing a difficult but beautiful watercolor technique known as "wet on wet".  Radu's daughter and her family reside in Charleston, SC and Radu visits as often as he can.

Artist's Statement

"During the past years I found a deep passion for watercolors. This painting technique allows me to captivate the atmosphere, the lights and colors of the objects. Most of the paintings were realized outside 'en plain air' by using a painting technique called 'wet on wet,' which is used to recreate proper light and shade in their paintings.

"Most of my paintings recreate sceneries from my various trips around Europe and the USA. The paintings usually depict local scenery and offer glimpses of local towns and cities. As I paint, I try to recreate the effect of light, which is unique to each location. Each drawing and brush mark is an expression of the passion and happiness for witnessing the natural and human beauty and an attempt to help the audience experience this beauty as well."

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Radu Dumitrescu
Radu Dumitrescu
The Man From Charleston
15.7" x 23.4"